On of the most famous ladmark of Mykonos’ history is the traditional windmills, that you can see in many Mykonos’ photos. Seize the opportunity to admire seven white windmills near the Castle in the capital town. During the 19th century, there were 30 windmills in the same region, which contributed to the economic prosperity of the Aegean island, as they were used to grind the local wheat and make rusks, provisioning the passing ships. Seek the Boni's Mill, in the interior of which there is an agro-touristic museum that will give you the chance to watch the way that the windmill was used back then, the house of the miller and the "circle of the wheat".

There are many cheap hotels in town, close to windmills, and also traditional tavernas which delicious food in buildings that have been constructed according to the traditional architecture. You can even find out that there are some windmills that can be rented though. just choose one for your accommodation and enjoy the absolute Mykonian experience!


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