To find out the real Greece, you should visit Epirus, the most virgin and wild region in the country. Epirus is divided into four provinces: In the province of Ioannina you can visit the wonderful city of Ioannina, which is next to a lake. Ancient Dodona is also not far away. An hour away from the city, by car , are Zagoroxoria ( Zagoria ), one of the most popular winter greek destinations. Another famous village is Metsovo, known for the local clothing and diary. The province of Preveza has a special beauty. Here flows the river Aherontas that in ancient years was the entrance of souls into Ades. There is located also ancient Nicopolis, a well-preserved ancient city. The largest city of this province is Preveza, while you have to visit Parga, a picturesque holiday resort. In the province of Arta, you can see the traditional Bridge and visit Amvrakikos Gulf. In the province of Thesprotia, Igoumenitsa is the main port, from where ships to Paxos and Corfu (Kerkira ) are departing. Moreover, you should swim and eat to Sivota, a summer resort with beautiful beaches.

How can you go in Epirus?

In Epirus there is no transport connection with the train, so the only access is by car or the public buses. The highroads linking the major cities, are in a good situation, because they were built after 2010. There is also the small airport of Ioannina, with few flights.

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