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Ski Centre Vora (Kaimaktsalan) is one of the wildest and most beautiful ski resorts in the country. It is located in Mt Voras, 49 km away from the city of Edessa and 140 km from Thessaloniki . The mountain Voras is the third highest mountain in Greece and it is the natural border between Greece and Skopje. On the top of it, at 2524 meters, one can see a beautiful Serbian church, built by the King of Serbs, Alexius, in memory of the dead soldiers who died there during the First World War. The ski resort has 14 tracks, a special track for snowboarders, and 20 lifts. The slopes are smooth without any physical barrier, as they are in the alpine zone. You can also ride the snowmobiles to reach the top. Leaving the ski center, skiers usually visit Aridaia, 35 km from the ski resort, in order to enjoy warm baths in the beautiful forest of Pozar.


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