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Bezesteni is one of the most significant ottoman monuments of Thessaloniki, which was built by the Sultan Mehmet 2nd (1455-1459). Bezesteni is next to Hamza Mosque and close to the markets of Kapani and Modiano. Bezesteni was used as a commercial centre of luxurious fabrics, silk and other precious objects. It was also used as a place of the merchandises’ quality control as well as the place where currency exchange was defined. Before the big fire of 1917, which destroyed a very big part of the city, the Bezesteni market had over 100 shops, whereas after the fire shops were added externally. Today, Bezesteni is still used as a market, whereas the loft is used for exhibitions.

Venizelou & Solomou, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Macedonia
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40.636581, 22.941162
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